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Single Shaft Shredder – mattress & w.e.e. shredding

  admin   Jun 26, 2014   Latest News   Comments Off on Single Shaft Shredder – mattress & w.e.e. shredding

This Single Shaft Shredder is suitable for hard plastic and wood. Fitted with a Flender reduction gearbox, the shaft speed is reduced to keep the noise and power consumption to a minimum, whilst achieving maximum output.

The rotor is fitted with multiple concave faced cutters enabling them to be turned or changed as required to minimise down time and maintenance costs.

There is a hydraulic ram fitted to the feed box which allows for adjustment of force and cutting pressure dependant on the material.

A classifier screen is fitted on the discharge side of the rotor to control the output size of the shredded material. The screen can be between 15-100mm on request.

The open front design allows the screen to be removed quickly and easily to facilitate cleaning between different material types and maintenance to the rotor cutters. Ideal for use on wood and plastics but can be utilised for other materials

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