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Portable 24T Calibrated Weighing Scales complete with screen and printout

Portable 24T Calibrated Weighing Scales available for sale. This digital weight indicator is suitable for mobile weighing operations, is fitted with a printer and does not require mains voltage. It is suitable for weighing vehicles, large objects, agricultural and logistics et cetera. CE-M approved. The complete package cost around £6,000 new, and has never been used. The package comes complete with 4 x  weighing pads, giving a total of 24,000 Kg weighing capacity and can take up to 8 load cell pads per system. The main features are:

  • 5-key functional waterproof keypad
  • Backlit 25mm lcd display
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Fitted with infra-red remote control
  • ABS transport case
  • A/D 24 bit, 4 channel converter
  • Ability to create on site weighing stations instantly.

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