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Grabs, buckets and demolition shear attachments

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ALL-KOR Co. is specialized in demolition, recycling and piling equipment and lead the way with a high standard of technical know-how

ALL-KOR achieves its standard of excellence through intensive research and development. Apart from the product quality great value is placed upon technical training and after-sales-services. ALL-KOR’s quality and performance meet the high standards expected by their customers.

Since it started rock splitter 1995, ALL-KOR has expanded to full range of demolition and attachment and we know the core of technology and market demands.


From the stage of products design, the word of environment-friendly gains priority and it comes true in all of ALL-KOR products. All the processing systems, from cutting of steel to last touch of painting, are managed tightly and kept in the proper procedures. All of ALL-KOR members, who are working in and supplying material to, ensures quality-assured material and products to be delivered to our valuable customers. We aim to make all the jobsites, where ALL-KOR products are being used, to be clean.

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