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Container Tilters

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The RISE Container tilter is ideal for handling bulk material. Often used for recycling scrap metal and biomass, they allow easier loading and unloading of containers.

Container Tilter

The RISE machine we have for sale from the UK has uniquely patented features which allow a container to be taken from a lorry and tilted 90 degrees with minimal effort.

The heavy duty load cells are able to record the weight at any stage during filling. The hydraulic door pin and closing mechanisms enable the container to be loaded and away efficiently & quickly.

The machine has been designed and built primarily for the tough operating conditions of the recycling industry, but will comfortably adapt to other industry sectors.

The RISE machine has been developed to maximize container usage.

It is virtually impossible to fill a container with loose materials when in a horizontal position. The container tilter allows a progressive tilting action up to 90 degrees to allow the container to be filled efficiently utilising all available space.

It is easy to access with a truck, by either driving the container into the tilter by the drive-through or reversing a trailer into the machine. The container tilter has a weight of 10.6 tonnes and is CE marked.

Hydraulically activated arms act as supports for the container doors as well as closing them prior to tilting container from upright to horizontal position. With the doors held firmly, shutting the doors can be latched safely from ground level.

A camera can be fitted to provide photographs at various stages of filling.

The unit comes complete with a hand held remote control unit, so the unit can be operated from the most advantageous and safe position. Manual override controls are also located on the machine as a backup system.

The complete unit would be mounted onto 4 No Applied Weighing ‘Safe Mount’ 20,000 kg capacity compression load cells so that the container can be weighed in any position. The weight would be displayed via a LCD digital display for easy reading.

The unit is completely self-contained and driven from a Diesel driven power unit.

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