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Cable stripping machine T.I.P3

Very robust cable stripping machine for sale in UK, designed to recycle copper and aluminium cables from electrical conduction between 2 and 85 mm in diameter.

The secret of success of this machine is that it makes the cut with 2 blades and is able to cut insulating walls up to 11 milimeters thick. Very few machines can do.

The machine has been manufactured under standards of rigorous quality and safety, complying with current regulations ensure safety of the European Union (CE Marking).


– Yield: 30 meters / minute.

– Movable upper knife shaft, adjusting the thickness of wire wheel (above).

– The diameter of the blades is 77 mm. and to cut a wall of 11 mm.

– The movement is produced by transmission gears and pulleys.

– Motor: 2 hp.

– Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,200 mm. X 550 mm. X 700 mm.

– Weight: 168 kg

– Power: Single phase or three phase 220 volts to 380 volts. Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz.

– Warranty: 12 months.

– Parts: Fully available in our workshops.

– Maintenance: Periodically grease the gears and chain sprockets (oil spray), previously removing the three guards.

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