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mPulse hand-held portable metals analyser

  admin   May 27, 2014   Latest News   Comments Off on mPulse hand-held portable metals analyser

RISE ltd currently have used mPulse hand-held portable metals analyser available for sale.

The mPulse is a hand-held portable metals analyzer which uses a powerful micro-laser beam. The laser causes a high temperature plasma to be formed on the surface of the test piece and the light generated indicates the chemical composition of the sample. Tests take just over 1 second. The resulting chemical analysis and alloy name is displayed on a large, touch screen, display. mPulse operation is completely ‘point-and-shoot ’– there are no program selections to make or electrodes to clean. mPulse does not discriminate between metal types – light elements are analyzed as easily as heavier elements.

The only button on the mPulse is the trigger which is used to power-up the instrument and fire the laser. After switching on, a safety key-code must be entered by the user and there is a short warm up time before the laser will fire

The nose of the mPulse should be placed against the sample and the trigger held until the result is displayed. All other operations are simple ‘Icon-Driven’ applications which can be selected on the large, touch-screen, colour display directly facing the user.

There are single and multi-test operations with statistical precision data. The pre-loaded alloy table is extensive and can be amended by the user. Communications include Bluetooth, a removable flash drive and a remote safety interlock. Power is from a rechargeable battery pack which will provide up to 250+ tests from full charge. Battery packs can be quickly swapped to maintain operation.

The mPulse can be used to test large or small samples including turnings and granules. The laser scans the surface of the sample and will ‘bounce’ repeatedly across tiny samples to optimize the analysis. Samples can be held where convenient because the laser is microscopic, non-penetrating and cannot be felt. mPulse is a ‘surface analyzer’ so test pieces should be clean but no specific sample preparation is normally needed

Anodized surfaces will usually be burnt through by the laser

  • Rapid analysis time – about 1 second.
  • Simple point and shoot operation.
  • Wide range of metals.
  • Any sample size or type
  • High confidence in the result.

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