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Installation of a new Metpro 1120 Pre-Shredder in Oregon

  admin   Mar 31, 2014   Latest News   Comments Off on Installation of a new Metpro 1120 Pre-Shredder in Oregon

Rise, as a sole UK agent for Metpro Intenational, are proud to announce that they have successfully completed the installation of a new Metpro 1120 Pre-Shredder at Rivergate Scrap, Portland, Oregon.Weighing in excess of 90 Tonnes, the Metpro 1120 Pre-Shredder was shipped from the UK and assembled during the night on site. This meant that Rivergate Scrap could continue with normal operations during the daytime and resulted in the customer not losing any production time. The entire installation and commissioning was completed within three weeks and has already made a significant contribution to the yard, both increasing the tonnage produced on a daily basis through their fragmentizer and reducing the wear. The Metpro 1120 Pre-Shredder has also eliminated the need for pre-shearing of material, prior to shredding, and has removed explosions within the hammermill fragmentizer.


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